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luakit 2012.09.13

Fast, small, webkit based browser framework extensible by Lua.




Bartłomiej Piotrowski (1):
      Don't mark desktop file as executable.

Ben Armston (9):
      Command to run given commands in new tab
      run_cmd function to enter_cmd and activate it
      tabdo command to run given command on each tab
      Fix method call
      window:each_tab iterates over the tabs sensibly
      Add tabduplicate command
      Allow tabd as an alias for tabdo
      tabfirst and tablast commands and bindings
      tabnext and tabprevious commands

Dmitry Medvinsky (1):
      Fixes #62 web inspector detaching unexpectedly

Johannes Schilling (1):
      Overwrite argv after initialization

John Tyree (3):
      Update webkitgtk properties documentation link.
      Link directly to WebKitWebSettings page.
      Add page num to history uri

Mason Larobina (147):
      Merge pull request #64 from johntyree/develop
      Eval "javascript:.." links on focused frame
      Merge pull request #67 from johntyree/develop
      Merge pull request #72 from Barthalion/develop
      Use Lua->C entry point as default JS source
      Remove useless functions in webview.methods table
      Update view:eval_js usage
      Duplicate history & hist position in `:tabduplicate` command
      Merge branch 'tab-commands' into develop
      Add Ben Armston to AUTHORS
      Add `:stop` command
      Add first luakit unit tests. Run with `make run-tests`
      Merge pull request #87 from vain/patch-1
      Merge pull request #91 from Plaque-fcc/develop
      Fix locale issues with w:scroll(), use x, xrel, xpage, ... fields
      Update mouse scroll binds
      Fix off-by-one error in command completion binds
      Use second column for cmd descriptions
      Allow optional lousy.bind.cmd description
      Re-tabulate cmds in binds.lua
      Add Jonas Höglund to authors file
      Merge branch 'cmd-desc' into develop
      JS can return Lua types and registered Lua functions can take JS args
      Add unit tests for webview registered functions & eval_js functionality
      Add missing error message and more registered func tests
      Update eval_js usage in follow, follow_selected & formfiller libs
      Make eval_js behave like pcall, returns `nil, err msg` on error
      Seamless type conversion from Lua tables <-> JS objects / arrays
      Forgot to free JSPropertyNameArrayRef on error
      Add eval_js `no_return` opt for loading JS where ret val/type is unknown
      Rewrite downloads{,_chrome} libs to use jQuery magic
      Bugfix: lua_next knows best
      Just emit number of running downloads in "status-tick"
      Performance edit, reduce amount of data crossing Lua<->JS boundary
      Make downloads_chrome lib look in luakit install path for jquery.js
      Add some simple speed reporting
      Had the assert_equal args reversed
      luaH_class_setup can setup classes which can only be created C-side
      Modify sqlite3 lib to compile SQL statements & bind values from tables
      Refactor luaH_sqlite3_exec
      Add new userdata object for compiled sqlite3 statements
      Use escape not encodeURI for filename anchor
      Add lunit/ to .gitignore
      luaH_rawfield returns lua type instead of 1
      Execute all statements in the SQL query given to db:exec
      Add some soup tests
      Refactor cookiejar.c & cookies.lua, remove checktimer, deletes session
      Missing add_binds after rebase
      Merge branch 'jquery-and-downloads' into develop
      Merge pull request #97 from grodzik/develop
      Refactor lib/history.lua to use compiled statements
      Allow users to change cookies.db/history.db path in their rc.lua
      Simplify chrome.lua & use load_string to print chrome func errors
      Add lousy.load function to load luakit resources from install dir
      Use lousy.load to load the jquery lib
      Remove invalid chars from chrome.add() handler names, both broken still
      Call init manually if idle_add callback hasn't had a chance to run
      Only need one d.status lookup
      Render luakit:// handler debug traceback in browser window
      luakit://history works again, still needs work
      eval_js calls in userscripts.lua do not return values
      Style luakit://history & search by domain
      Make sure cookies db handle open when needed
      Allow user to change cookies.db path
      Add simple sqlite bookmarks lib with full tagging support
      Comment out soup.ssl_ca_file test (highly system dependant)
      Merge branch 'develop' into chrome-upgrade
      Auto-delete orphaned tags when untagging/removing bookmark
      Display history item uri as title if title null
      find_tag returns tag row from database
      Add example in rc.lua for opening downloads with xdg-open
      Comment out 'new-window-decision' in webview.lua
      Refactor element creation in luakit://history & use em not px in style
      Remove unused compiled statement from history.lua
      luakit://bookmarks so far (tags are shown)
      Merge branch 'ymln/follow-optimization' into develop
      Readable color debug messages with relative timestamp & signal origin
      Merge branch 'develop' into chrome-upgrade
      Ensure luakit:// link has trailing slash in chrome lib
      Remove instant search, allow hist nav & `:history <term>` works again
      Prevent luakit://history from being added to the users history.db
      Add buttons to clear all history, hist results and or selected items
      Add pagination to luakit://history & custom limits
      Update buttons & uri fragment correctly in do_search
      First follow refactor
      Simplify mode setting
      Second wave of performance improvements
      Allow view:register_function to take specific frame argument
      Add remaining follow functionality from old follow lib
      Allow arguments to: w:set_mode(name, ...) -> mode.enter(w, ...)
      Only need to save width/height info
      Allow different patterns for hint label/text & add ;x, ;X binds
      No longer need unlink function
      Initial commit of luakit://help chrome page
      Probably helps if I add the lib/introspector.lua
      Update search engines, fix imdb redirect & -sourceforge +github example
      Remove platform specific debbugs search engine & use https by default
      Revert "No longer need unlink function" -- turns out we do
      Comment more bindings
      Call cleanup() in init() function
      Optimize follow_selected.lua javascript
      Forgot to save desc in any binds
      Format bind & mode descriptions with markdown
      Show callback function source code in luakit://help
      Update follow binding comments
      Fix links inside bind descriptions
      Merge branch 'develop' into introspector
      Read users globals.term & globals.editor in open_editor func
      Add :help command to open luakit://help
      Merge branch 'introspector' into develop
      Snaz up bookmarks display, edit bookmarks & markdown bookmark desc
      Hide all templates, notice some flashing while loading otherwise
      Refactor go_up.lua into native Lua code (and thanks LokiChaos)
      Allow complex "this -not -these" bookmark searching & search tags
      Fixes #117 link hints with absolute positions in non-absolute container
      Add follow pattern matching style to regex match label & text
      Only catch navigation policy signal when ignoring request
      Use parseInt instead of bookmark lookup. closes #122
      Show error traceback in statusbar
      KISS - Refactor bookmarks db & source to store keys in bookmark rows
      New luakit://bookmarks look and all missing functionality back in
      Default to http:// scheme in bookmark uris
      `:bookmark` command opens bookmarks page and edit dialog
      Merge branch 'bookmarks' into develop
      Forgot to remove hidden tag
      Update visual style of luakit://history to match bookmarks
      Simulate mouse clicks in go_next_prev when element doesn't have a href
      Update history sql query generation code
      Reduce title font size
      `:bookmark` with no args bookmarks current page
      Update history & bookmarks completion
      Set WebKitWebView size requests on parent scrolled window
      Add script to migrate bookmarks from old database schema
      Make luakit://bookmarks more compact, style bookmark desc
      Mark param unused
      Bug squash, argc is changed by g_option_context_parse
      Silence errors in `p` & `P` binds, notify no selection instead
      Use single `y` yank binding for uri
      Use strings to represent modifier state in binds.
      Spruce up, several more platform specific build options
      Refer to follow selectors/evaluators by name
      Stop jumping through hoops in follow JS loading
      Re-introduce the follow ignore key delay
      Fix webview focusing, prevent scrolled window from being focused
      Focus webview when entering insert mode
      Emit form-active, root-active signals from follow callbacks again

Nathan Gass (3):
      Use gettimeofday instead of clock_gettime for portability.
      Remove --export-dynamic flag for Mac OSX.
      Also remove empty and unnecessary -Wl to compile again on debian.

P. Hofmann (1):
      follow_selected: eval_js is gone from webview.

Paweł Tomak (2):
      removed unneeded argument causing error with mutli profiles
      Removed unneeded 'for' loop in apply_form

Peter Hofmann (1):
      Fixed typo in new cookie code.

Plaque FCC (1):
      locale-dependent Lua 'tonumber()' behaviour.

Steven Allen (1):
      Allow the user to redirect requests.

Yuriy Melnyk (1):
      Optimize hint following

firefly (1):
      Add command descriptions.

kongo2002 (15):
      add commands/bindings for bookmarks
      modify :bookmark command to add tags
      adjust bookmark descriptions
      show bookmark ID in luakit://bookmarks/
      add basic search to luakit://bookmarks/
      adjust 'search' button style
      add 'delete' link to bookmarks chrome
      add delete functionality to bookmarks chrome
      remove id from bookmarks chrome
      refactor bookmark deletion
      add simple bookmarks completion
      bookmarks chrome: add tag removal
      show tag remove links on hover only
      readd bookmarks search
      readd bookmark removal in chrome


You can download luakit-2012.09.13-r1 in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://