Luakit Help

How to ask for help

If you're having difficulty with any aspect of luakit, , please open an issue at the GitHub issue tracker, and we'll be happy to help you!

The #luakit IRC channel is also a great place to ask questions; just join #luakit on the OFTC network, and ask your question. Don't worry if there's no immediate response; depending on time zones, the developers may be asleep!

How to report a bug

Please report any bugs or issues you find here on the luakit issue tracker. This will require making a GitHub user account if you do not already have one.

Please search the issue tracker before opening a new issue; if someone has already reported the same issue, it's better to comment on that issue instead of opening a new one.

Please include the following information in your bug report:

How to request a new feature / make a suggestion

Feature requests can be made here on the luakit issue tracker. It's always a good idea to search before opening a new issue, in case anyone has already requested that feature or made a similar/related suggestion.