Class widget:image

Image widget
This module is only available from the UI process Lua state.

The image widget shows an image from a website favicon, a file, or an icon name.


image:filename (path)

Show an image from a file. On HiDPI screens, a file with "@2x" before the extension will be used instead, if it is present.

The filename is used to search the directories specified by resource_path.


  • path
    Type: string
    The path to the image file.

image:icon (name, size)

Show a named icon.


  • name
    Type: string
    The name of the icon to use.
  • size
    Type: integer
    The size at which to display the icon, in pixels; must be one of 16, 24, 32, or 48.

image:scale (width, height)

Scale the current image to a certain size.


  • width
    Type: integer
    The width to scale to, in pixels.
  • height
    Type: integer
    The height to scale to, in pixels. If omitted, the desired width is used for the height as well.

image:set_favicon_for_uri (uri)

Show the favicon for the given URI, if it has one, at a size of 16x16 pixels.


  • uri
    Type: string
    The URI.

Return Values

  • boolean
    true if the favicon was successfully shown.