Module luakit.unique

Single instance support
This module is only available from the UI process Lua state.

This module allows Lua code to detect an already-running instance of luakit and open requested links on that instance, instead of opening two separate and independent instances.

Functions (id)

Set up an application with a shared identifier used to locate already-running instances. This must be called before calling is_running or send_message.


  • id
    Type: string
    The application identifier string to use.

luakit.unique.is_running ()

Check whether an application using the identifier previously given to is already running.

Return Values

  • boolean
    true if an application instance is already running.

luakit.unique.send_message (message)

Send a message (which must be a string) to the primary instance of the application.


  • message
    Type: string
    The message to send to the primary instance.



Emitted only on the primary instance when a message is received from a secondary instance.


  • message
    Type: string
    The message sent with unique.send_message().
  • screen
    Type: screen
    An opaque piece of data that represents the screen of the currently focused window of the main instance.