Module adblock

Simple URI-based content filter

This is a simple, fast ad blocker module that works by blocking requests to domains that only serve advertisements. It does not currently do any form of cosmetic ad blocking (i.e. element hiding with CSS).

See also: adblock_chrome.


  • You can allow specific content to be loaded if it is inadvertently blocked: simply add whitelisting rules formed by @@ and the pattern to allow.
  • Supports multiple filter list files.
  • Filter files can be enabled, disabled and reloaded from disk without restarting luakit.
  • A configuration chrome page is provided by adblock_chrome.


  • Add require "adblock" and require "adblock_chrome" to your config.rc.
  • Download AdblockPlus-compatible filter lists to the adblock directory. Multiple lists are supported. EasyList is the most popular Adblock Plus filter list, and can be downloaded from
  • Filter lists downloaded to the adblock directory must have a filename ending in .txt in order to be loaded.
  • Filter lists need to be updated regularly (~weekly), use cron!


If ad blocking is not working as expected, the easiest way to determine what is happening is to set the appropriate log levels to debug:

If a filterlist is not being loaded for some reason, start luakit with the following:


If a filterlist is not behaving correctly, by blocking too much or too little, start luakit with the following:


Files and Directories

  • All filterlists should be downloaded to the adblock data directory. By default, this is the adblock sub-directory of the luakit data directory. All filterlists must have a filename ending in .txt.


adblock.load (reload, single_list, no_sync)

Load filter list files, and refresh any adblock pages that are open.


  • reload
    Type: boolean
    true if all subscriptions already loaded should be fully reloaded.
  • single_list
    Type: string
    Single list file.
  • no_sync
    Type: boolean
    true if subscriptions should not be synchronized to the web process.

adblock.list_set_enabled (a, enabled)

Enable or disable an adblock filter list.


  • a
    Type: number or string
    The number of the list to enable or disable.
  • enabled
    Type: boolean
    true to enable, false to disable.

adblock.whitelist_domain_access (domain)

Whitelist accessing a blocked domain for the current session.


  • domain
    Type: string
    The domain to whitelist.



Type: table
The set of ad blocking subscriptions that are active.


Type: table
String patterns to filter URIs with.


Type: boolean
Default: true
Whether ad blocking is enabled. Modifying this value will modify adblock state; setting it to true will enable ad blocking, while setting it to false will disable ad blocking.