Module newtab_chrome

New tab page for luakit

This module provides luakit://newtab/, the luakit new tab page. This page is opened by default when opening a new tab without specifying a URL to open.


The easiest way to customize what is shown at luakit://newtab/ is to create a HTML file at the path specified by newtab_chrome.new_tab_file. By default, this is the newtab.html file located in the luakit data directory.

If this file exists, then its contents will be used to provide the new tab page. Otherwise, the value of newtab_chrome.new_tab_src is used.

Files and Directories

  • The default path for the new-tab file is newtab.html, located in the luakit data directory.



Type: string
Path to a HTML file to use for the new tab page. The default value is $XDG_DATA_DIR/luakit/newtab.html.


Type: string
HTML string to use for the new tab page, if no HTML file is specified. The default value produces a page with no content and a single solid background color. is used as the background color.