Module referer_control_wm

Only send Referer header if coming from the same domain - web module

The Referer HTTP header is sent automatically to websites to inform them of the referring website; i.e. the website that you were just on. This allows website owners to see where web traffic is coming from, but can also be a privacy concern.

To help mitigate this concern, this module prevents this information from being sent whenever you navigate between two different domains. For example, if you navigate from to, no Referer hreader will be sent. If you navigate from to, however, the Referer header will be sent. This is because some websites depend on this functionality.

Note: the word 'referer' is intentionally misspelled for historic reasons.


As this is a web module, it will not function if loaded on the main UI Lua process through require(). Instead, it should be loaded with require_web_module():